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Oltrepò Pavese

Oltrepò Pavese, a marvelous wine region nestled among the hills of southern Lombardy, is a true paradise for wine enthusiasts. This territory is a haven of natural beauty, with lush green valleys and vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see. The Cantina Storica di Montù Beccaria is born in the eponymous municipality, in one of the most prolific areas in all of Oltrepò. The deep connection to the land and the expertise of our winemakers give life to wines of profound character and undeniable quality.

Oltrepò Pavese landscape
Bunch of Pinot Noir grapes

Passion for Pinot Noir

Undoubtedly, Pinot Noir takes the center stage in Oltrepò Pavese. This grape variety perfectly suits the region's unique terroir, giving rise to elegant, well-structured wines brimming with character. The hills and calcareous soils of Oltrepò bestow upon these wines an aromatic complexity and refinement recognized worldwide.

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Traditional grape varieties

In addition to Pinot Noir, Oltrepò Pavese presents a variety of indigenous and international grape varieties such as Croatina and Riesling Renano, from which our sparkling red and still white wines originate. Each grape variety has the ability to convey the unique characteristics of the terroir, resulting in a range of wines with remarkable personality.

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Montù Beccaria the country
Valle Versa

Wine as Local Heritage

The municipality of Montù Beccaria is nestled in Valle Versa, the eastern edge of Oltrepò Pavese, a land rich in tradition and natural beauty. Here, viticulture is deeply woven into the history and culture of local communities, passing down the passion and art of grape cultivation from generation to generation.

In this context, the Cantina Storica di Montù Beccaria emerges as an authentic expression of the region's identity.

Montù Beccaria vineyards

Generous Hills

The terroir of Val Versa surrounding Montù Beccaria is truly unique and exceptional. The vineyards are situated on well-exposed sun-kissed slopes, caressed by a refreshing breeze from the surrounding mountains. This favorable microclimate, combined with mineral-rich soils, bestows upon Val Versa's wines an aromatic complexity and an elegant structure.

The historic Montù Beccaria Winery draws upon 70 hectares of vineyards in this exceptional terroir, producing wines with unique characteristics for over a century, crafted with artisanal expertise.

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