Winemaking philosophy

Authentic wines

Winemaking Philosophy

Our wines embody our winemaking philosophy, where every sip reveals our deep respect for the viticultural heritage of Oltrepò Pavese and our commitment to elevate this precious terroir through a virtuous supply chain. We seamlessly blend a tradition that remains vibrant in vineyard care with the latest innovative techniques used in the cellar.

Passion and care

Our Work in a Glass

What guides our work is an ongoing dialogue between vineyards and cellar, between our meticulous viticulturists who tend to the vineyards daily, and a youthful team of passionate and determined winemakers dedicated to crafting wines of absolute quality. These wines have the ability to interpret the very land from which they originate and represent it within the confines of a glass.

Foglia di vite
Historic winery

Since 1902 wines of excellence

A wine tradition derived from the long and strong bond with territory.


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