Riesling Superiore D.O.C.

Grappolo d'uva Pinot Nero
Riesling Superiore D.O.C.


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  • Type

    Still white wine

  • Grapes

    Riesling Renano

  • Winemaking & ageing

    The harvest time is determined through a careful analysis of grapes maturation. The grapes are picked by hand using small stackable boxes, then destemmed gently pressed in absence of oxygen. The resulting grape juice is transferred into stainless steel tanks and fermented at a controlled temperature of 18°C. Pumping over is done daily.

    The wine ages in thermo-conditioned steel tanks in contact with the lees periodically stirred back into wine with the bâtonnage to extract more flavour, aroma and texture.

    Bottle ageing will last for 4-6 months.

  • Apparence

    Straw yellow colour with greenish hints.

  • Tasting notes

    Delicate and fruity aroma with wildflowers and herbal notes, especially of sage.

    With the ageing, the floral notes will evolve into the typical petrol-like aromas. Well-balanced, long-lasting flavour.

  • Serving temperature

    8° - 10° C

  • Size


  • Alcohol

    13% Vol.

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